Monday, May 15, 2006

I love the smell of peanut butter in the morning

I believe a great philosopher once said "I hate mieces to pieces" I can't remember if it was Socrates or Plato.

Following my last post about 'roaches I thought I'd better bring you all up to speed on my latest domestic struggle. I have mice! Now you maybe forgiven in thinking that I've moved to down town Delhi what with the cockroaches and now the mice but no, I'm still in good ol' Australia waiting for an outbreak of Cholera or Beri-Beri. Though, you do need water for Cholera, with the fact that Oz has bugger all of that there is slim chance. Im waiting for Bono and Geldof to turn up with 'aid' though I'd rather die of thirst than let Bono help me out, but thats another story.
The problem with Mice is the fact that 'ridding' them goes against my natural instinct because they are nice and furry aaahhhh... the fact is however is that they are far more likely to inadvertantly burn my house down chewing electrical wires than the cockroach that is merely a little 'gross' So they kinda make up the 'yin and yang' of household pests good bless 'em

Steps have been taken and make no mistake. Last night I claimed my first kill. After purchasing a couple of mouse traps from the local store I decided to 'go to work' especailly as these little rodents show me no respect. I mean, the gall of them, last night we watched three dart from one end of the kitchen to the other. It was about 10.30 when my wife saw one run across the hall, it was about 10.31 I heard the most satifying sound of the evening, the snap of the mouse trap. In the morning there were 2 more casualties. It appears these guys just cannot resist peanut butter. Now everynight is like Christmas Eve when you're a kid, I just cant wait 'til the morning to see what father Christ-mouse has left me.

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