Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

It was Easter Saturday, we thought we'd brave the masses and head down to the Gold Coast and visit Sea World. I have to say it wasnt half bad. It was like a days holiday, pay your admission and leave your hassles at the door.

My first impressions were very good indeed. Pretty much the classy fare you'd expect from a world renowned franchise such as Sea World.

The main attraction are the polar bears, and I have to say I was like a giddy child as I'd never seen an actual Polar bear. Pictured left is Nelson, he's one of a twin, the other called Hudson. they were found orhapaned in Quebec, they wouldnt have survived and eventually made there way to Oz, this homeboy is only 2 years old, he doesnt mature until he's 15. We were lucky as he was playing right in the front of the underwater observation area, he a bit of a show-off by all accounts.

Polar Bears aside, my initial euphoria was a little misplaced. The Sealion show was very entertaining and there were the obligatory dolphins (always a fave with the llaaaaddiies ) Unlike Orlando (not that ive been) there are no Killer Whales..alas and the park is a little on the small side but its still great entertainement especially if you have kids. The term Sea World is a bit of a stretch, Sea Town however, may be more fitting.

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