Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I miss Soccer .. FOOTBALL!! I said football

I never thought I'd be quite this shallow but I miss Football, there, I've said it.

Yeah I can read up on it on the 'net but when my beloved Liverpool reached the final of the English F.A. Cup it hit home. I would'nt be able to watch it down the local with my mates and more pointedly, my brothers. Its an english institution afterall. Yeah I can catch the odd highlight but it simply isnt the same. I was actually nearly disapointed that they got to the final. Then I got to thinking of the forthcoming worldcup. The law of sod says that England will get to the final. This is unthinkable.

The Ozzy coverage will last as long as their national team is still in it (3 games then) but afterthat forget it. Australian sports coverage borders on the farcicle. If they dont win it, they dont show it, its pretty much that simple. If there is anyone better than them at a sport then they try and sort them out a Visa so they become 'Australian' and claim them as their own (see the sierra leone commonwealth games team)

There is 'Aussie Rules' to get my teeth into, and by-christ, I've tried. Its not actually that bad but I had no or little idea what was going on. I thought I'd ask some guys at work what the deal was with it but guess what? they didnt seem to know either! This is testament to one of two things. Either A) they are not interested in it or B) they are none too bright. After nearly six months in the colony i'd plump for the latter.

In reflection I think what I miss most about 'soccer' is not actually soccer at all mates, and the culture of going down the pub (allbeit some rough establishment) with a few mates and normally Kelv and Ross and supping a PINT of beer whilst being put through the mill watching my team.

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