Friday, March 31, 2006

You just can't escape yourself!

I, like anyone ( I guess) when facing the opportunity for a 'new start' thought it would be the ideal time to reinvent myself. Y'know put right the things that you blame everyday life on and the fact that people have certain expectations of you. So, I thought australia would be the perfect place to become more relaxed, live for the moment and generally try and be a little more 'happy go lucky' I had ideals of becoming more of an out doors kinda a guy cycling lots of places and even perhaps taking in a little extreme sport, albeit rock climbing, but climbing REAL rocks rather than the leisure centre equivalents. I wanted to shed my clock-watching attitude, and by that i mean feeling I have to be here or there at a specific time rather than taking MY time.

So nearly 4 months in what exactly have I changed?

Well, my intentions were good, but they were inevitably jarred by my untimely redundancy and more pressing matters needed to be addressed. I think that kinda took the wind out of my sails and upset the whole process. Now im here in brisbane I face the same aim but without the same nieve exuberence I had 4 months ago. Its also apparent that ausralia isnt one big O'neal advert, sure there are parts which are like that but its not really the culture here in good ol' brisbane.

I know I'm avoiding the question above, but i'll try and save that for a cool closing or something..

I guess one aspect has changed, my apprearence (just check out the picure I look so 'fly').
More by necessity than anything else. Being 30 plus degrees in the summer when its not being 'tropical' i.e. raining, its too hot for jeans, shoes and a rather suaeve shirt. Im now sporting these days, three quater length combats/denim short and T-shirts I've vetoed the flip-flops as I just cant walk in them! yeah I know I hardly sound like a 'catch' but when in Rome and all that.... Until recently I was happy with my 'cool' and 'urban' affectation but now the stylish shirts and the flared Jeans are calling to me again. Now I go into a clothing shop and think, "wow they look cool" then I have to remind myself that that's exactly how I used to look! Gggrr... There has been many a morning that I've toyed with the idea of putting jeans on but its simply too hot, not to mention that no one actually dresses smart for ANY occasion here, not that i've seen anywhere to go to, dressed up!

On the plus side, I'm not actually missing a car, though I may feel different had I many places to go!. Gone too is my mobile phone, and again I dont miss that burden.

It was especially apparent once my wife started work, our life has almost become a carbon copy in terms of 'routine' of our life back home obviously sans friends and family y'know the good stuff :) This is not to say its either good nor bad but it is interesting (to me at least)

I actually feel quite good that some things actually dont change as this means we were more true to ourselves than we thought. We did things because thats what we wanted to some extent and not as a result of our environment. In a time when we are more self aware than thats healthy its important to realise that your initial reactions are sometimes right for you.

..Next up my visit to Seaworld for the Easter break,

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