Saturday, February 25, 2006

She's Heeerrree!!

Australian Import Permit - £125
Course of Vet visits - £250
Transit to Oz - £2,000
30 days Quarentine - £350
Lots of redtape
Weeks/Months of heartache

Having Lottie back with us.....Priceless

Okay, so I'm never going to win any prizes for economical prudence where this is concerned but, hey? somethings just have to be done. Its a wierd thing, trying to articulate and justify such an expense to someone who isnt a 'pet' person they just dont get it. Especially as you can buy another dog out in Oz for about £300. Its like saying to a parent, n'mind just have another kid, and yes, it IS the same thing. Australia has its faults, plenty of them in fact (i'll get into these in a later post) but having the bounding, and mostly sloppy welcome when you get home from work/shopping/begging for money :) helps condsiderably. So welcome 'home' lottie.

Just found your website by way of Luciluna at biggish fish blog! I am a pet person, and congratulations on being one yourself. It is the pinnacle of humanity to love "people" of another species. I know that your furry daughter was missing you as well.

I'm looking forward to reading your Australian adventures, and as one who lived a long way from home (for just a couple of years) in my mid 20s, I can say that it was a fantastic experience, though I went back home too soon, and never lived very far away for the following 20 years. It created an immediately new perspective.

Don't go back until you can't stand to be away anymore. It is a worthwhile experience beyond any way you can know, until you have really done it!

I will visit again! Gotta go to a rehearsal!!
thanks so much for your kind words. Its quite an inspiration to get messages of support like yours. Im feeling that i have new perspective already, my values and priorities have changed. Hopefully whenever I go back i can feel more settled rather than trying to contain my wanderlust which has been the case in the past
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