Saturday, February 25, 2006

It 'Wooooorrrkksss' for me, Geddit?

SO a month after I started at my new job. The good news is I still have it, so result on that front!

Okay, it was/is very tough. After working in a place for 3 or so years you dont realise quite how institutionalised you become, to be fair the work 'institution' does come to mind when I think of my last job. I'd joined a new company in a new state in a new country. Not to mention a new team, on a new game with a new style on a new console using a new 3d package, so lets just say it was all a little new to me.

After being a biggish fish in a small murky stagnant little pond, I am now a medium fish in the biggest pond in the southern hemisphere. It is a little crushing to ones ego at first, but working with awesome poeple will help me 'up' my game, which was the key reason to move jobs. Especially as the company provide ample access to the latest tutorial DVD's and there is always someone who knows what you dont.

I can't say too much about the project, but check out the picture (left) and you do the math. And the latest in consoles i.e. xbox 360 and PS3, let me say are no strangers to me at the minute.

The office culture it very cool, we have the best equipment to do our demanding job, but as well as being a serious, ambitious company it also shows its employees the respect they deserve. No-one checks their watch when you walk through the door or go for lunch. Everyone is relaxed and on a friday afternoon we all down tools for 'beer o clock' which means we have a couple of beers in the office ( company stumps up for ) and kinda hang out in the office. There are also massages on fridays for those who want one, I kid you not. The bosses also dish out the credit and kudos when its due and refrains from the 'well its your job' school of thought which is a refreshing change.

Obviously its not all roses, the deadlines are a little nieve to say the least and people do tend to keep themselves to themselves by and large. Though I think this is more symptomatic of the people in the industry rather than the company.

So its all good....for now at least.

Sounds like you are really making it work! Bravo! And hello to Lottie.
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