Sunday, January 29, 2006

Viva Bris-Vegas!

Viva Bris – Vegas...indeed

Well here I am in Brisbane Queensland. I’ve been here a week. This week has been a torrid affair. Traversing all the local suburbs and their Real estate companies is no mean feat. Especially as they couldn’t be less helpful if the stabbed you in the face with their biro, that’s of course assuming the can bother to actually look up from their CPU’s.

The jury is out on Brisbane thus far, but I’ll chalk that down to the ongoing stress of finding suitable accommodation….for now at least. The process of getting accommodation is a mystery unto itself. Once you’ve found a house that looks like it was actually built with human inhabitation in mind then one is expected to make an ‘application’. The application involves filling out quite a lengthy form (understandably) whilst also providing numerous forms of I.D. (driving liscense and Passport) extensive bank statements, confirmation of your earnings and birth and marriage certificates, it’s a wonder you don’t have to provide a urine sample and a swab of your DNA! I won’t mock too much as I may just have to. Along with your certified autobiography you have to provide a weeks rent as a deposit. This is fine but does hinder the ability of apply to multiple properties. In a business where you’re living arrangements are at the whim of some unscrupulous landlord who can disregard your application if he doesn’t like the colour of the ink you filled it out with does set your nerves on edge.

Okay, *steps off soapbox* its my first day of work tomorrow … again. Lets just hope I can last the week without seeing a severance notice. Okay I think im getting a little tired of being out of my 'comfort zone', comfort zones ARE good, thats why they are comfortable.

By the way, the spiders in Brissy are HUGE and I’ve stepped over numerous poisonous cane toads taking the form of road kill….nice! I think the flora of Australia deserve an entry to themself so stay tuned.

Watch this space for a more levelheaded update.

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