Saturday, January 14, 2006

They Say the TV Sucks....

..And they couldn't be more RIGHT!

Before we left one of the first things people us about was the fact that Australain TV sucked. Surely it could'nt be that bad?


In a nutshell its like three main channels that are sky one! It's all imported U.S. stuff. That's not even mentioning the U.S. style ad breaks every 8 freekin' minutes.

Pretty much all prime-time stuff is either US comedy a la king of queens, everybody loves Raymond and Simpsons or high production, over earnest TV drama a la Surface, supernatural and lost. Now I like these shows BUT NOT ALL THE TIME. Man, dont get me started on the homegrown stuff. It's amazing how ones standards drop. Now I find myself laughing like an idiot at Coupling, yes coupling! and Hardware Jesus help me.

I guess its not all that bad, but the 'light entertainment' lacks variety and if you talk yourself 'round to watch a film (which incidently tonights veritable delight is 'Twins') an hour and half film turns into a 3 hour ridley scott epic with all the ad breaks! Braveheart is also on tonight, I dont have a spare 7 hours to watch it. I guess though what with the weather and beaches TV is not high on everyone's list.

So gripe over, but there is one thing that has baffled me though. Sean Mcguire (he of Grange Hill fame) IS alive and well and starring in US sitcom 'Eve' who'd have thunk it?

Hello fellow blog-scum! Yes, we're both now part of the "look at me" generation - and about bloody time if you ask me.

Haven't got much to say, but you raise a good point about the telly. When I was in Italy I had a smashing time: lots of wine, lovely people, beautiful architecture. But the TV... my God, it was bad. Endless cheap gameshows and makeover reality nonsense, and the sort of risible straight to DVD fare which makes you want to howl till blood comes out of your eyes. Awful. But it makes sense: when you live somewhere so beautiful, why would you bother watching TV? So why would the companies bother to make good TV? They wouldn't. But if you live on a miserable, windswept rock (as I do), you'll inevitably make some of the best TV in the world; you have to, it's pretty much all you've got.

I know which I'd rather have. Yay TV!

Good news about Sean McGuire there. Must remember to tell Kirst - she used to be an uber-fan...
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