Friday, January 13, 2006

The Story So Far......

To bring you up to speed....

It was always a goal of mine to work abroad for a period of time in my life. So Last year I decided to finally take the plunge and shake myself out of the proverbial comfort zone. I left a safe, if not exciting job, sold my italian sports car only a fiat coupe but nice nevertheless (which incidently was another 'goal' of mine) rented out my home to a complete stranger, spent a kings ransom on preparing my boxer pup to come to Oz with me and uprooted my wife to take a gamble on an 'experience' of a lifetime. Afterall what could possibly go wrong? I had a job all lined up, surely the hard word had been done?

So after a teary good bye to my family and friends on the 5th of December we finally flew out to Australia, Adelaide to be precise. Once we arrived on the 7th of December we checked into a nice hotel and, well, slept....slept alot in fact.

Monday the 10th December I started my new job, which, for anyone who cares is a 3d artist for a computer games company. The first day I started with the caution of begining a new life deserved. It went well, very well. Everyone was friendly, the game looked cool and I thought "yeah, I can get with this". The next day I bounced into work with an air of enthusiasm I hadnt felt for several years. The day panned out much like another day, except in the afternoon. There was a company meeting called. I thought this was protocal I was mistaken. It was at this meeting the CEO from America delivered the news that was further from my mind. The sudio was to be closed down, thus making everyone who worked there redundant! I couldnt believe it, it was all happening in slow motion.

They did offer to fly me home, that was not the point, I hadnt even unpacked! Besides it wasn't as straightforward as that. My house was rented out, we sold lots of luxury goods and our cars, thats not to mention the shame of going home without so much as a suntan. No I wasnt about to take the easy option. The other option for me was to find other employment within 28 days of my redundancy otherwise I'd be kicked back to blighty.

I had a number of interviews and put alot of irons in fires but it was the week leading up to xmas so time was not on my side.

To make my long story ..well slightly less long, I have taken an offer of a job in Brisbane Queensland. I still havnt an address or a car and my dog is due over in a week with 30 days at the Australian governments pleasure (quarentine) So there is still plenty to do!

Stay 'tuned' to read my experiences in Australia, both good and bad with a few movie reviews thrown in plus some good ol' fashioned bitchin' thrown in for good measure.

My God, what a welcome! Poor you.
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